• The Gardens of Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot

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The Gardens of Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot

  • English edition. On the gardens of Muiderslot-castle, near Amsterdam.

    Yvonne Molenaar en Henk Boers

    Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot is not just the oldest castle in the Netherlands. It is a magical place, surrounded by water and vegetation. The castle gardens feature lots of heritage varieties: vegetables, herbs, fruit, herbaceous plants and flowers (some of them edible). The produce from the gardens was for centuries used to prepare the exquisite meals at the castle. And the gardens still produce a rich harvest everyyear. Muiderslot is also part of the Amsterdam Defence Line, a World Heritage Site. The castle gardens are open daily, offering visitors the chance to enjoy this lush part of our heritage.

    17 x 24 cm
    72 pages
    60 illustrations
    English edition
    ISBN 9789462622890
    € 15,95

  • Artikelnummer: 200402
  • 15,95

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