Travelling with Vincent - Van Gogh in Drenthe

  • Travelling with Vincent - Van Gogh in Drenthe

    Vincent van Gogh boarded the last train from The Hague to Hoogeveen on Tuesday, September 11, 1883. He stays there for several weeks, then moves to Nieuw-Amsterdam/Veenoord and visits Zweeloo. The landscape makes a deep impression on him. Everywhere around him he sees landscapes that remind him of the work of his great examples: the Dutch landscape painters of the seventeenth century, the nineteenth-century Barbizon School of France and his contemporaries of the Hague School. It inspired him to set to work himself. His period in Drenthe is an important moment in Van Gogh's development as an artist that ultimately made him world famous. This book sheds new light on perhaps the least known chapter in Van Gogh's life story.

    23 x 29 cm
    160 pages
    200 illustrations
    ENG ISBN 9789462624955
    NL ISBN 9789462624948 bestel
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