The Solebay Tapestries - Threads of history

  • The Solebay Tapestries - Threads of history

    On 7 June 1672 off thee ast coast of England, the batlle of Solebay started between the navy of the Republic of the Seven Provinces and a combined Anglo-French fleet. Altough the outcome was undecided, on both sides of the North Sea, the battle was celebrated as a triumph.

    Dautch marine artist Willem ven de Velde the Elder (1611-1693) had been present at the battle. Only a year later, newly appointed as marine painter tot he English royal court of King Charles II, he was commisioned to make a design for a set of monumental tapestries commemorating the battle at Solebay as an English victory.

    About the publication:

    Solebay Tapestries – Threads of history is the first volume in a new series about objects in the collection of the Scheepvaartmuseum, the national maritime museum of the Netherlands.

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